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Dallas City Council voted unanimously to rename Lamar Street to Botham Jean Boulevard
ByHarshal 14 Jan 2021 09:22 AM 33

The Dallas City Council voted unanimously to rename Lamar Street to Botham Jean Boulevard to honor the man who was killed by an off-duty officer inside his own home.

The renamed street will have the name of his former apartment building and the Dallas Police Department headquarters.

The unanimous voting resulted after a few councilmembers raised concerns.

Botham Jean was shot and killed by an off-duty Dallas police officer while eating ice cream in his apartment the night of Sept. 6, 2018.

Officer Amber Guyger stated that she mistakenly went to his apartment and thought that it was her apartment and expected Jean to be an intruder.

Nineteen people spoke Wednesday to Dallas council members about the name change. The majority were in favor of the honor, but some said it would be unfair to Dallas police officers who were not responsible for the tragedy.

In the end, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson made a rare move to implore his colleagues to vote in favor of the change.

Allison Jean, Botham’s mother said, "One wish is that Botham's name will be remembered and never be forgotten."

"The renaming of Lamar Street is one way in which he can be honored. This street on which he chose to live and the street on which he died can serve as a lasting memory of the upstanding resident who loved Dallas so much."

Mayor Johnson said, "I am imploring this council to seriously think about the message we want to send as a city having this family participate in this process, tuned in from overseas and around the country watching us today and putting that family through any more pain than they’ve been through."

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