Dallas City Council may ban short-term rentals in certain neighborhoods
ByFunAsia 20 Jan 2021 07:18 AM 133

Dallas City Council is trying to put stricter rules on short-term rentals that turn into party homes.

The council is planning to put a ban on certain homes in neighborhoods on renting to visitors.

Some homeowners stated that short-term rental is disturbing their neighborhoods. Some city council members have asked the staff to find out if the city can legally ban the rentals in areas zoned as single-family.

Norma Minnis is a member of the Dallas task force on short-term rental regulations. She owns a home in the East Dallas neighborhood of Edgemont Park and wants to put a ban on short-term rentals in areas zoned for single families.

Minnis said, "There is a swimming pool, lots of noise."

"They advertise it will sleep 16, but no one is sleeping. They're all out by the pool."

Homeowners feel that breaking the code will be enforced on them.

Minnis said, "Police hardly ever come because there are so many in the city."

Council members decided to bring some changes to handle this problem.

Some council members, as homeowners, want to know if it is legally possible to ban STRs in single-family neighborhoods.

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