Dallas bans sale of puppies and kittens at pet stores
ByFunAsia 12 May 2022 10:37 AM 103

Pet stores in Dallas are not generally permitted to sell pups and cats.
On Wednesday, Dallas City Council members passed the Dallas Humane Pet Store Ordinance, which was proposed as a method for halting pup processes and forestalling cruel breeding practices.

"Since January 2021, we have been working resolutely to pass this mandate to close the doggy factory pipeline to Dallas to prevent many debilitated pups from being delivered from out-of-state little dog plants," said Stacy Sutton Kerby with the Teas Humane Legislation Network.
Both the SPCA of Texas and Operation Kindness have praised the law.
"This statute will uphold many nearby empathetic pet stores in Dallas that don't sell young doggies but instead embrace pups who frantically need adoring families," said Karen Froehlich, the leader of the SPCA of Texas. "Our asylum alone has north of 1,000 creatures in our consideration today, and sanctuaries across Texas are moving many adoptable canines to different states because of overcapacity. Everything looks good for Dallas to pass this Humane Pet Store Ordinance - both for creatures and our local area."
As indicated by the Dallas Morning News, Dallas just has one store that sells young doggies. A representative for the Petland store on Preston Road told the paper it buys its creatures from authorized and legitimate reproducers, not little dog factories. The store could be compelled to close since the statute has passed.
As of now, other Texas urban areas, including Fort Worth, Euless, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, and Waco, have comparable boycotts.
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