Crowley ISD increases security at schools after cyber threats scare kids
ByFunAsia 12 Jan 2021 08:33 AM 233

Crowley ISD was forced to increase the security after concerns from parents over a social media rumor that involved a possible hate-attack on children grew.

A post warning that said, a hate group may try and hurt kids on Inauguration Day resulted in an increase in police officers’ presence at schools.

Tara Sheehan wants her two daughters’ home for the next week after hearing about an alleged threat targeting children of color in Crowley on Inauguration Day.

Someone posted a warning on Facebook which quickly spread and forced the school district to act. Sheehan said, "It’s heartbreaking in a way that you just cannot describe."

"We’re hoping that it’s not real, but nobody thought what happened last week could ever be real either."

According to one of the spokespeople from the Crowley ISD, they don’t believe the threat is credible, but are taking steps to protect students out of an abundance of caution.

The District released a statement and said, "Due to recent events of civil unrest in our nation, the upcoming presidential inauguration, and concerns spreading on social media, you will see an increased police presence in and around our schools in the days ahead."

Sheehan said, "Knowing CISD the way I do, I want to have faith that they can protect my kids."

"I think as long as my kids are in the building at their schools, they’ll be fine. I know those teachers would lay down their lives for our kids."

Both Crowley and Fort Worth PD say they are supporting Crowley ISD and its police department.

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