COVID-19 relief funds still available for energy bills of Texans’
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A pile of cash is available to all to Texas buyers who need assistance with their energy bills.

In any case, a portion of those supports will return sent once again to the national government toward the finish of September in case it isn't spent.

"Regardless of whether it's your electric or your gas, even propane, it's for every one of your utilities," said Faye Skinner, Manager of Customer Advocacy, Atmos Energy.

The cash, accessible through the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP), covers current and past bills and is paid straightforwardly to your supplier.

"Regardless of whether they haven't qualified before, connect and check whether they qualify now," Skinner said.

While the program financing will be recharged, the additional implantation of COVID-19 help cash from the CARES Act terminates toward the finish of September. So purchasers are being encouraged to apply, regardless of whether they don't generally qualify.

"The CARES Act financing is set to terminate on 9/30, so if those finances aren't spent by 9/30, those assets to return to the national government," Skinner said.

The COVID-19 money on the line is in the millions, and help can be granted in huge numbers per client.

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To apply, you should contact Atmos or your retail electric supplier, and they will guide you to a neighborhood energy help organization. Individuals can likewise visit or call (833) 989-7368.

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