Collin County tells residents to not believe the coronavirus case numbers it is reporting
ByHarshal 19 Aug 2020 07:17 PM 82

Collin County tells residents not to believe the coronavirus case numbers it is reporting every day.


The county wrote a disclaimer on its health department dashboard and mentioned that it has no confidence in the coronavirus case numbers.


The Texas Department of State Health Services calls it ‘formatting and coding errors,’ which results in the backlog of tens of thousands of cases. Gov. Greg Abbott stated that this issue has been fixed.


North Texas counties have been seeing an increased number of cases for days because of a backlog issue. 


In Collin County, the county judge said that they don’t have any confidence in the accuracy of reported results.


Yesterday, Collin County reported 213 new positive cases but could not say how many cases were due to the error. 


Abbott gave multiple reasons for the backlog in Fort Worth. One of the main reasons was the state could not log the actual number of cases being reported. He also talked about private labs not giving accurate results.

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