California reopens all outdoor playgrounds to public
ByFunAsia 01 Oct 2020 09:41 PM 188

California reopens all outdoor playgrounds to the public.


Some outdoor playgrounds in the Bay Area have started welcoming families. According to the new state guidelines, cities can reopen outdoor recreational facilities and playgrounds. The City of Concord is now planning to reopen all its 19 playgrounds on Thursday.


Olena Kononovych of Concord said, “Being quarantined with a kid in a house is already tough.”


Many families in the Bay Area believe that keeping kids away from the playground is not easy. Kononovynch, the mother of a rambunctious three-year-old, is excited and desperately waiting to see her child hop on the slides and swings again.


She said, “We are grateful things are transitioning, and things are coming back to a little bit normal.”


From Thursday, the city of Concord is reopening outdoor playgrounds after six months of lockdown.


Concord Mayor Tim McGallian said, “We are making sure all the equipment is being checked. We are making sure anything that needs to be cleaned above and beyond right now.”


The City of Concord came up with this decision when the Contra Costa County moved to the less restrictive red tier for coronavirus risk, and the state cleared its way with new guidelines.


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