Brookfield woman jailed after she dragged a puppy to its death.
ByFunAsia 05 Apr 2021 07:44 AM 100

A Brookfield lady will go through a year in prison after she hauled a doggy to its demise.

A paper detailed that 48-year-old Rebecca Schroederus was condemned in Waukesha County court on March 24. She likewise was condemned to two years of expanded supervision and four years of probation with the condition that she does not keep or care for creatures.


As indicated by a criminal grumbling, Schroederus was visiting her folks when she required her folks' five-month-early English bulldog, Dolly, for a walk. A neighbor revealed she saw Schroederus drag Dolly through the grass and over asphalt. Video reconnaissance likewise showed her hauling the canine off a check.

At the point when neighbors attempted to intercede, she was shaking and made statements like "I could never do that to a canine, I'm a canine walker, for the good of God."

The cart was seeping from her mouth when police showed up. A vet said the canine endured a critical injury to her windpipe reliable with strangulation. Cart kicked the bucket the following day.

Shroederus advised police she didn't expect to hurt Dolly yet perhaps she "pulled excessively hard."

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