Brahmastra's sequels will be darker, confirms filmmaker Ayan Mukerji
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There will be both light and haziness in the  following sequels of 'Brahmastra,' says filmmaker Ayan Mukerji, who prodded that fans will be blessed to receive an "emotional clash" in the next part titled 'Dev.'

'Part One: Shiva', featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, was only the set-up for the impending two portions in the epic action-adventure franchise.
The main part follows Ranbir's Shiva, who opens his ability to employ the 'Agni' (fire) Astra after he meets 'his first love' Isha (Alia). How the two of them set out on an excursion, looking for replies about his starting point as they fight dull powers from obliterating the world, is the principal reason of the story.

"'Love is the light' was my line for the film. 'Brahmastra: Section One used to be called 'Love' for a very long time since that was the subject of the film.

"It is a romantic tale, and Shiva got his power from adoration. Yet, 'Part Two: Dev' will be a hazier and juicier story regarding the emotional conflict. The subsequent meet-ups will be more obscure without a doubt," Mukerji told media in a meeting.

Additionally featuring Amitabh Bachchan and Mouni Roy, "Brahmastra" opened worldwide on September 9. The film has raised over Rs 360 crore gross in the worldwide film industry.

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