Bill would require motorist to be tested for blood alcohol if they hit the pedestrian
ByFunAsia 24 Jan 2021 09:02 AM 170

A bill would require motorists to be tested for blood alcohol level if they hit a pedestrian and cause serious injury or death. According to the current law, it depends on an individual officer to test someone who hit a pedestrian.

HB 1287, dubbed "Colten's Law," is named after 24-year-old Colten Carney, who was autistic. Almost four years ago, Michelle Carney says Colten decided to walk to work after getting a flat tire. She said, "He still needed to get to work that morning, being a responsible young adult that he was, and he wasn't but about a mile from his work. He decided to walk down the road and a gentleman hit and killed him."

Michelle stated that the driver was not detained for a blood alcohol level test, but her son was tested.

She said, "When we questioned the officers why he was not tested and our son was tested. We were told, well, it was in the morning and people don't drink in the morning, and we all know that's not true."

"We wanted to do something so that no other family has to question whether their loved one was killed by the negligence of someone else."

Texas Representative Terry Meza (D-Irving) said the bill will allow officers to test the presence of a drug or alcohol in their system if they hit a pedestrian.

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