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Arlington tornado victims thankful to be alive this Thanksgiving
ByHarshal 27 Nov 2020 09:18 AM 112

Arlington tornado’s aftermath makes way for good hearts.

This Thanksgiving, Monti, Steve, and Parker DeNaro have come forward to help someone in need.

They found the Jones family at the Mirage Apartments in Arlington near Pioneer Parkway and Collins. Some parts of their complex were directly hit by Tuesday’s EF-2 tornado.

Tornado victim Evelyn Jones said, "They gave me a whole Thanksgiving basket to take to my new place and they gave me some boxes of food.”

“Now, I’ve got to get new beds, new bed covers. I’ve got to get some clothes, towels, pots, and pans. Just basically everything.”

That complex had construction crews working this Thanksgiving. Their priority is to repair roofs first.

The American Red Cross says the residents of more than 80 apartments at multiple complexes were left homeless, and they are providing shelter for more than two dozen families.

The management is taking care of a hotel for the Jones family until another unit for them is identified.

Evelyn Jones was home during the storm. Her brother, Tony Ward, and her husband were on their way with Thanksgiving groceries.

Ward remembered, “A big wind came by and lifted the car up literally and moved us over to the side of the road.”

“Sad. Very sad,” Monti said. “Heartbreaking for them, but also heartwarming.”

The Joneses had some frightening moments on this Thanksgiving, but they could find a way to be grateful for.

“I’m grateful that my life was spared,” Jones said. “And that God gave me my life for Thanksgiving again this year because I could’ve been gone.”

“The main thing is we are still here,” Ward said. “God has his angels looking over us.”

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