Arlington police searching for driver who killed the father of three
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Arlington police are as yet searching for the one who drove away from an official during a traffic stop, then, at that point, caused an accident that killed a dad of three.

Douglas Osiemo, 39, was killed on July 2 after 9 p.m. while driving for a food delivery service.

"Someone kicking the bucket from a street mishap, something so abrupt, your brain goes clear," said Gideon Ogoti, relative.

A vehicle blew through the convergence at West Arkansas and Cooper Street more than 100 miles 60 minutes, police said, hammering into Osiemo's car and pushing it's anything but a container truck. Osmo was articulated dead at the scene.

Police say a man was seen calmly leaving the presumed vehicle, and a subsequent individual may have been with him.

Before the accident in Arlington, police in the adjoining town of Pantego say one of their officials attempted to pull the suspect over for a minor infringement, yet the driver took off.

The Pantego official ran lights and alarms seeking after the vehicle for 32 seconds then, at that point, ended the pursuit after dismissing the quickly moving vehicle. After the suspect ran a few red lights about a mile and a half away, the severe accident took Osiemo's life.

"We need to accept reality and know truly what occurred finally," said Jeremiah Manduku, relative.

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His family says they have questions, yet the neighborhood Kenyan people group is fund-raising to send Osiemo's body back to his country for the time being. That people group is likewise stressed for the fate of the family he abandons.

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