Arlington ISD fires a substitute teacher for using racial slur in front of elem
ByFunAsia 10 May 2022 10:27 PM 137

Arlington ISD fired a substitute teacher after different instructors said he utilized the n-word in front of the elementary school students.

The incident happened Friday at Swift Elementary in Arlington.

A few parents say they're stunned after hearing the conversation between a 6th-grader and a substitute teacher.

One mother, who didn't want media to use her name, says her child told her after school on Friday. She says the kid was not in the class during the conversation but rather handed off to her what his companions who were there seen.

"'They had a substitute today, and think about what he said?' And I said, 'Indeed, what did he say?' 'All things considered, he said n-I-*-*-*-r' And I said, 'What?!'" the mother said.

Media talked to a Swift Elementary teacher off-camera who also didn't want to mention her name. She says she turned out to be in the passage Friday evening when she saw an upheaval from a nearby study hall.

The teacher said she strolled into the substitute's homeroom and asked what had occurred. Furthermore, her record is equivalent to the one handed off to the mother.

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According to Arlington ISD, the teacher was also working again at Swift Elementary on Monday. The area says it got an objection from a parent using email Monday and opened an investigation.

In a proclamation, the district says it "affirmed that improper language was utilized, and the substitute was ended. The district doesn't support the utilization of any hostile, offensive or improper language in instructive learning conditions."

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