Arlington city sets up a storm recovery website for residents needing help
ByFunAsia 25 Feb 2021 08:26 AM 186

The winter storm left only a few homes completely untouched. After almost a week of the storm, thousands of people are still needing food, water, and the financial resources to repair things damaged by the storm.

The city of Arlington is trying to help all those people. It is trying to help and connect people with resources.

Some buildings with no water and apartment buildings still have issues. That has left residents unsure where to go for help.

A devastated Brittany Victoria took this cell phone video after returning home to find her Arlington apartment flooded. The single mom and her three young sons were staying with a friend after they lost power last Monday. She came home three days later to find that a pipe had burst in her bathroom.

She said, "There was water everywhere. And there was water coming out my wall."

Arlington city is trying to reach families, like Victoria’s, who are in desperate need of help but aren’t sure where to go.

Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams said, "We understand too that many families have a long road ahead with damage to your home, with water breaks and so forth." "So we wanna help in navigating the repair process."

The mayor is hoping the city’s new storm recovery website connects residents with resources to help with food, water, housing needs, insurance issues, and other repairs.

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