Arjun Kapoor discusses his on-set "outburst," saying he "had every right to do so": 'Irritation is the worse...'
ByFunAsia 08 Nov 2021 10:06 PM 124

Actor Arjun Kapoor revealed on Monday that he had an outburst on one of his sets, although he did not elaborate.

"Yeah, I had an outburst on set, but I had every, and I mean EVERY right to do so," Arjun Kapoor posted on Instagram Stories. I'm irritated, but I'm not in the mood to explain why. You will find out tomorrow.

Arjun had previously stated in a video by Bollywood Bubble on Sunday, "You're a bunch of jerks, yaar. Pehle kyun nahi kiya yeh sab (Why didn't you guys do this before?) Humari life easy ho jati PTA hai aapko Do you realize how much easier our lives would have been)? You owe me an explanation." Arjun's Monday post appears to be for an advertisement.

Arjun Kapoor's post comes just a few days after a party hosted by his uncle Anil Kapoor to celebrate Diwali with his girlfriend, Malaika Arora. Arjun recently published a selfie of himself and Malaika on Instagram, in which he grinned and looked at her.

Arjun tweeted, "Sharing the photo, "She makes me happy when she laughs at my [email protected] Thank you, @akpaps, for taking this photo." Malaika responded to the post in the comments area with a red heart emoji.

For quite some time, Arjun and Malaika have been together. On Arjun's 34th birthday in 2019, they did, however, make their relationship Instagram public.

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