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Another group of North Texas firefighters leaves today to battle California wildfires
ByHarshal 30 Sep 2020 01:27 AM 63

Another group of North Texas firefighters left today to battle California wildfires. This has been a record-breaking fire season in California. About 30 major wildfires are still burning throughout the northern part of the state.


The death toll stands still at 29.


Today, 80 firefighters from North Texas will fly to the front lines to help get the flames under control.


Among them are fighters from Dallas, Frisco, Lewisville, and other departments.


Ronnie McCarroll, with the Flower Mound Fire Department, said, "I'm excited about going. I'm not apprehensive at all, you know, with our training and stuff. I don't think there's much to worry about as long as you stick to the rules of engaging the fire, everything will be okay."


A crew of four from McKinney will replace four firefighters who are expected to return today.


They are sharing photos from their weeks going up against the flames. These images tell the real story of how intense the fire is from many states now.


Deputy Fire Chief Kyle Mills from the Frisco Fire Department returned from a deployment to California Sunday night. He shared some pieces of active advice for all firefighters heading out. He said, "They'll be up in the mountains 24 hours fighting the fire. The snags are the trees that have burned that haven't fallen all the way. So there's always a risk of trees falling. But the fires are moving hot and fast."


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