Amber Alert issued after a car was stolen with a three-year-old girl left inside
ByFunAsia 23 Sep 2020 09:07 PM 174

An Amber Alert was issued after a car was stolen with a 3-year-old Dallas girl inside.


Chastity Collins was inside a white Lincoln sedan, which was stolen from a 7-Eleven parking lot at west Ledbetter Drive and Hampton Road in Dallas about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday.


According to reports from the girl's mother, she went inside the store and left the car running with her daughter inside. It was then she saw a man jumping inside the car and speed away with her daughter still in the vehicle.


Mounted police cameras caught the car heading to north on Hampton, shortly after the vehicle was stolen.


That was the last time anyone saw that stolen vehicle.


Chastity Collins was last seen in a short-sleeve shirt, gray tights, and no shoes. She's 3 feet tall.


The girl inside the car was a 2009 white Lincoln sedan, Texas license plate JJT - 5997.


Officers have asked people to give any information related to the subject matter to 911 or 214-671-4268. 


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