Akshay Kumar confirms if PM Narendra Modi will watch 'Prithviraj'
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Akshay Kumar on Monday gave fans an example of history with the release of the trailer of his upcoming film, 'Prithviraj.'

The entertainer said that his forthcoming verifiable film ought to be made "compulsory" for younger students during the media collaboration. It discusses ruler Prithviraj Chauhan, who has been decreased to "just a section" in history course books.

The entertainer had a fascinating response when asked whether he would have a special screening of the film for the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

"Why should I show the film to PM Modi? To watch it, he will. I'm certain," he said.

Talking about the significance of teaching the kids about the King of the Chahamana administration, the whiz said he just found out about the life and seasons of Prithviraj through the book "Prithviraj Raso."

"I was given a book to peruse, 'Prithviraj Raso' by Dr. Saab (Dwivedi). I read the book gradually and acknowledged how huge a fighter he was. Be that as it may, when we read about him, he was decreased to only a passage," Kumar told columnists.

The entertainer said that the film could be best portrayed as an "instructive film." The entertainer additionally mentioned the public authority to orchestrate the film's separation of schools with the goal that it contacts a more extensive crowd.

"I would likewise demand the public authority that they make it an obligatory review in school, so the children know about our set of experiences, what and how everything occurred. All you find in the film is valid; it has to be sure worked out. We have hardly any familiarity with it, and I observe this as truly entertaining. Dr. Saab has been exploring this for quite a long time! That is how difficult work he has placed in the film," he said.

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