After the birth of her second kid, Neha Dhupia writes an emotional statement to her doctors.
ByFunAsia 10 Oct 2021 10:49 PM 161

Neha Dhupia, a Bollywood actress, and her husband Angad Bedi just welcomed their second child. The actress wrote a sweet statement thanking her doctors for their continual care and support after a successful pregnancy and delivery.

"The first set of hands to touch our kid..." the actress stated to begin. The first ears his heartbeat, the first voice to comfort me whenever I was worried or in pain. All I had for you were questions, and all you had given me were answers and, most all, patience.”

"You watched after us every step of the way, during the long nights before and after the birth," she continued. He gets cracking jokes in the delivery room to distract me from the agony and contractions. Your grin, humor, humor, and, above all, your knowledge and touch put me at rest throughout it all. We've grown into a family of four, and you've been a God-sent blessing."

"Thank you, @drgayatrirao, for all you have done," she wrote again, thanking the physicians. Your touch, Dr. @manjuSinha, heals like no one else's. Your voice calms like no other, and even in the nervous period of my life, sitting in that bed waiting for our baby, a gentle touch on my shoulder and a whisper from you saying it'll be fine calmed me down more than anything else."The name of their newborn baby is yet unknown to the second-time parents.

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