After minimal adjustments, activists are confident that a bill guaranteeing appropriate dog shelter would avoid another veto by Gov. Greg Abbott.
ByFunAsia 05 Oct 2021 10:25 PM 134

People in Texas require by law to provide proper shelter for their dogs during severe weather. According to executive director Shelby Bobosky, The Texas Humane Legislation Network approached roughly 1,000 communities in 2015 for a record of prosecutions under the statute from the preceding two years.

The lack of enforcement, according to animal groups, is the result of a defective statute. It requires owners to give a 24-hour warning to correct any bad treatment. For the past six years, the charity, which advocates for animal rights, has lobbied for legislation that would allow for stricter enforcement of laws governing proper dog tethering.

 When the Legislature enacted such legislation in May, the group assumed it had accomplished its goal. Gov. Greg Abbott, however, startled many when he vetoed the bill shortly after. With the subject back on the governor's work this month, lawmakers are pushing forward in the hopes of attaining the goal once more. Senate Law 5, the bill submitted during the third special session, and Abbott veto are nearly identical.

According to Bobosky, the Texas Humane Legislation Network was "shocked and dismayed" by the rejection despite the bill's get bipartisan support. She claims that the Texans and legislators who spoke out against the governor's choice were responsible for the issue's return this session. The Senate has already approved the modified version, which will discuss in the House on Tuesday.

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