Aftab Shiv dasani is pleased that Kotigobba 3 has finally had a theatrical release amid the pandemic.
ByFunAsia 24 Oct 2021 11:44 PM 38

Speaking about his Kannada film debut, Kotigobba 3, which hits theatres on October 14, actor Aftab Shivdasani says he is looking forward to a lengthy and successful run in theatres. Aftab Shivdasani is back on the big screen in a hurry, thanks to the reopening of cinemas throughout the states. His most recent feature is the Kannada film Kotigobba 3, his first theatrical release since the pandemic began.

"It's far past time to return to the cinema and enjoy watching movies." It's my first theatrical release since the lockdown. It's a great sensation, and it's a step toward getting back into the movie going habit,” says Shivdasani, who makes his Kannada film debut in the film, which also stars Sudeep.

β€œIt has been a year and a half already, and it frustrates anybody,” the Setters (2019) says, noting how the cinemas have suffered. As a result, it's a fantastic thing that people will now be able to go out and see movies over the holiday season. That is a fresh start for everything excellent."

When asked about Kotigobba 3, a drama directed by Shiva Kartik that got released on October 14, the actor expressed his excitement for the film's extended run in theatres. "The audience has given positive feedback. It's a big hit with the public, and everyone loves it. It's also excellent news for the movie theatres, so it's a happy event," he says. Shivdasani expresses his delight at the prospect of breaking into a new market in his Kannada film deb

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