A woman on Zoom call was fatally shot by a toddler
ByFunAsia 13 Aug 2021 09:43 AM 51

A woman on a Zoom call is accepted to have been lethally shot by a toddler who tracked down a stacked handgun, which was left unstable, police say.

Altamonte Springs cops were told by a guest that, during the business-related call, a baby was found behind the scenes, followed by a loud commotion. The lady on the Zoom call, Shamaya Lynn, 21, fell in reverse and could never join the call back.

An individual from a Zoom telephone call dialed 911 when it seemed something wasn't right.

Officials and paramedics showed up at home on Spanish Trace Dr. furthermore, found Lynn. They endeavored to deliver help. However, she was found with a deadly shot injury to the head.

Specialists accept the injury was brought about by the baby.

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The examination is continuous, and criminal investigators are working intimately with the Seminole County State Attorney's Office concerning any charges that might fit the proprietor of the gun.

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