A Texas prosecutor reduces charges after migrants claim they were marched to private land and then held for trespassing.
ByFunAsia 07 Oct 2021 12:00 AM 131

Charges against 11 migrants apprehended under Gov. Greg Abbott's border security effort have dropped after the men told attorneys that migrants were marched for approximately 20 minutes to a walled ranch by law officials before being arrested for trespassing. Val Verde County Attorney David Martinez withdrew the trespassing charges Monday after the men had spent over two months in state prison. There was no video footage or a written report of the August event from the US Border Patrol.

According to an arrest affidavit, the males fled on foot following a Border Patrol car stop on a highway. When the migrants spot along the road, cops made them travel for approximately 20 minutes and climb, hands zip-tied, over a nearly 10-foot fence into a ranch before arresting them for trespassing by state troopers.

A representative for the Texas Department of Public Safety stated that the migrants' accusations were false, claiming that the fleeing men crossed a barrier onto private property. Any notion that officers drove migrants to the personal property so they could detain for trespassing is "completely incorrect," according to a Border Patrol official.

However, Martinez, a Democrat elected to prosecute misdemeanor cases, has previously stated that he was obligated to withdraw charges due to doubts about the legality of DPS arrests.

Martinez denied the case on Monday. The DPS refused to comment on the arrest.

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