A Salt Lake city based company to pay $1,000 to go camping for 2 days without internet
ByFunAsia 30 Aug 2020 08:08 PM 74

Netflix and social media have been your source of entertainment during ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


Are you ready to go on a 'digital detox' diet for two days inside an RV if someone tells you to receive $1,000? Yes, this is right. A Salt Lake City-based company will pay you if you do that.


SatelliteInternet.com said, "We know many folks who camp with RVs also need satellite internet to stay connected, but given how much time we've all spent online in 2020, we wanted to find a way to help someone tune out the world and get back in tune with nature".

According to the website, this contest will pick a random winner and pay to give up technology and spend 2-days weekend at a U.S. national park of your choice in an RV. The company will not give the RV but will reimburse you if you take it on rent.

After 2 days, Satellite Internet will provide you a mobile hotspot to connect online and share your experience with the world.

Eligibility for this contest is, you are working in the U.S., 25 years or older, and can legally drive in any state you'll travel through.

If you think you are ready for this contest, you can apply on the Satellite Internet Website.

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