A report claims that poor data management and oversight resulted in the missing of millions of Dallas police files
ByFunAsia 01 Oct 2021 08:10 PM 92

The Dallas Technology worker deleted upwards of 8 million law enforcement records lead to inefficient monitoring and administration. That is according to a government investigation published On Wednesday.

Approximately 4.1 million images, pictures, recordings, similar documents, and perhaps other things, totaling 7.5 terabytes of data, were irreversibly wiped from a cop relatively concentrated. The review got conducted by the town's Technology division on Thursday. Some of 4.6 million documents could get retrieved. The documents get discovered on cops' computers, webcams, and other equipment.

As per the 131-page study, officers and the Dallas District Attorney's Office have reportedly chosen 1,000 felony cases as targets in the document healing process. There are roughly 17,500 incidents when documents might be misplaced. The IT team has looked over 142 instances thus far, recovering over 140,000 files that were assumed to get destroyed.

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Previously, the government stated that 22.5 gigabytes of data got destroyed on many occasions throughout 2018. However, the investigation reduced that figure to 20.7 terabytes, with an additional 13.2 terabytes of material lost.

The study doesn't on the effect of the deleted data on Dallas police operations or charges in any of the city's five counties. It also doesn't present a direct reason why the now-fired worker erased the documents, other than to state he had "an apparent ignorance or contempt for the established protocols."

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