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600 Evacuees from Hurricane Laura enroll at Dallas ISD
ByHarshal 25 Sep 2020 12:26 AM 87

Dallas ISD is planning to enroll hundreds of students this week. All of them are evacuees from Hurricane Laura. They enrolled in school on Tuesday from the hotels they're living at.


This year Back to school has been different for everyone. But for Hurricane Laura evacuees now in Dallas hotels, they are being asked to sign up in a whole new school district.


Three Dallas hotels used their Conference rooms as school enrollment centers Tuesday.


Laptops were unloaded. Plastic dividers served as shields between parents and staff.


That was how Dallas ISD and the Dallas city managed to enroll more than 600 children and allow them to sign up for school.


Dallas ISD Trustee Miguel Solis said, "It's eye-opening". "And I think it's something that we missed given all the other news that we are dealing with."


According to reports, more than 2,600 Laura evacuees are living in Dallas. Many are staying in hotel rooms provided by the city.


Solis said, "When you don't know if you have a house to go back to in a place that you're not familiar with, so any normalcy that we can provide for these kids we're committed to."


Families who signed up for school Tuesday declined to give interviews.


Solis said, "Working with the city to make sure that kids get a good education while they're away from home."

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