4-year-old twin girls pose as Trump and Biden on Halloween
ByFunAsia 01 Nov 2020 09:17 AM 344

4-year-old twins gave a glimpse of 2020 presidential candidates in creative, politically themed Halloween costumes before Election Day.

There were pictures and footage on social media showing sisters Haven and Koti Garza, from Edmond, Oklahoma, dressed as rival Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Adrea Garza, twin’s mom, told media, “They love dressing up, whether in regular clothes or costumes! We had five different costumes planned for this year.”

Garza also stated that her twins were born right before the election in 2016, and in 4 years, she knew she would dress them as the candidates one day.

She got inspiration from the first presidential debate.

She said, “I hunted down some boys’ suits. Found some flag pins and knew I had to put Biden in a mask and his signature aviator sunglasses. Finally, I slicked back my brunette twin’s hair and sprayed it with white hairspray. That was her favorite part.”

“I added the ‘spray tan’ for President Trump and combed over my blonde twin’s hair. To finish out the look, she added the signature pouty lips and thumbs up! “

Their social media post received tons of appreciation, and mom Garza was shocked by the reaction. She said, “I thought they were cute costumes, but I had no idea how overwhelming the response would be. It’s incredible.”

Whether the twins will dress up as the vice-presidential candidates may take some more convincing.

“No plans to dress them as the VP candidates, but they will be dressing as the candidates four years from now, whoever they may be,” Garza said.

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