18-year old arrested for a deadly crime spree in Arlington
ByHarshal 03 Oct 2020 11:00 PM 68

Police officers arrested a suspect responsible for several violent crimes in Arlington. He killed one man dead and seriously injured three women this week.


According to reports from the Police officers, Osagie Ayanru, 18, robbed, beat, and stabbed a convenience store clerk on Monday. He asked for the money from the female clerk. When she gave him the money, he repeatedly stabbed her. She was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.


Arlington Police Lt. Chris Cook said,  “Without warning, the suspect began to attack the clerk brutally.”

“Punched her, kicked her, stabbed her multiple times, and even kicking her in the head as she lay on the ground.”


Officers said that vehicle was stolen from the same convenience store parking lot.


A short distance from the store, a husband and wife were attacked while they were on an evening walk after a while.


The attacker stabbed, beat, and robbed the couple. 44-year old husband, Islam Duly, died. His wife survived with serious injuries.


Cook said, “Again, the suspect attacked both the man and woman by punching them, stabbing them multiple times, even though both of them were cooperative when he demanded they turn over their personal property.”


After a while, officers said that a driver struck a woman nearby who was walking her dog. The woman was thrown onto a lawn and survived, but her dog did not.


Cook said, “In addition, the car had damaged consistent with the striking of a pedestrian.”


Detectives found that the suspect is of a young age and circulated surveillance images to area schools.


An Arlington ISD staff member believed it to be Ayanru, and the 7-Eleven clerk located him and picked him out of a lineup.


Ayanru’s neighbors saw the arrest go down.


He said, “He’s always been a nice, respectful kid. Plays basketball all the time up at the school.”  “So it’s kind of odd and appealing, shocking, to know that it’s someone across the street.”


Ayanru is charged with aggravated police process evidence to determine if they can charge him with the murder and hit and run.


Cook said, “As citizens, certainly you should have the right to be able to walk without fear of crime, without fear of being run over.” “You should be able to work in a convenience store without fear of being robbed or brutally attacked in this manner.”


Ayanru is in the Arlington city jail on a $20,000 bond.


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