10-year old Irving girl honored for her smart thinking during an emergency
ByHarshal 25 Sep 2020 10:56 PM 105

The police officers honored a 10-year-old Irving girl for her quick thinking during an emergency.


The Irving Police Department and Tarrant County 911 planned for a surprise drive-by for Violet Gonzalez.


Last December, Violet played at the Northwest Park when she saw a boy run into a pole and fall to the ground unconscious.

She took no time to call 911 and gave the operator complete information about the boy's condition.

She said, "I was kind of nervous, and I was scared for him. And I was thinking that he is going to be okay, is his parent going to know, stuff like that."


After the officers' parade, Violet was awarded a certificate acknowledging her courage.

She wants to become a veterinarian one day.

The boy is doing fine now.

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