1-year-old killed and mother injured in carjacking outside Burleson hospital
ByHarshal 05 Oct 2020 10:45 PM 111

A 1-year-old boy is killed, and his mother injured in a carjacking.


According to reports from the Fort Worth police officers, the boy’s parents met Sunday outside a hospital in Burleson, just south of Fort Worth. When they were exchanging custody of the boy, 30-year-old Nico Dela-fuente accidently jumped into the mother’s car.


Though the father tried to stop the carjacking by jumping into the car, the two ended in a fight.


It was then Dela-fuente backed out and hit the boy and his mother.


The boy was rushed to the Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth and pronounced dead. His mother is expected to recover soon.


Further reports from the officers stated that Dela-fuente crashed the stolen car into a tree. He tried to run away but collapse from his injuries because of the crash.


He’s now charged with capital murder and aggravated robbery.


He is getting treatment at a hospital and then will be moved to the Fort Worth jail.


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