'Scam 1992' holds the distinction of being the only Indian series to be included in IMDB's list of all-time favorites
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Scam 1992, a Harshad Mehta bio-series that got premiered in 2020, now has even more reason to be proud of its cast and crew. They have accomplished something that no other Indian series or television program has. IMDB has compiled a list of the all-time greatest famous web show and television serials. Only one title representing India appears in the list of 163 web shows from around the globe.

We knew we were doing a sincere job of it, said Pratik Gandhi, who portrayed the titular part. However, we had no idea it would get to this point. Hansal Mehta, the filmmaker, was a factor in my decision to play Harshad Mehta. Real-life characters are my favorite to play. On stage, I've played a number of them, including Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. It's always hard to depict a real-life character, especially one as well-known as Harshad Mehta.

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Prateek claims to have done extensive research on Harshad Mehta. I had given a lot of stuff to work with the character. I did my research as well to understand my role. Harshad's videos were among the ones I examined. Harshad also has an insightful chat with British Nandy, a great journalist. The script itself served as a comprehensive guide to the character. Numerous discussions with the authors and filmmakers were quite beneficial to me.

Pratik was able to comprehend Harshad because he was Gujarati. It assisted me in going through his thought process, aspirations, talent for financial problems, and entrepreneurial drive.

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