'I don't despise Christmas,' says a Dallas bartender quoted in a CNN piece.
ByFunAsia 07 Nov 2021 10:20 PM 185

"Fans are upset," CNN reports, citing the Dallas dive bar Stoneleigh P's refusal to play Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" until December 1st.

When the Christmas season arrives, the P's managers and owners will only allow the 1994 holiday favorite to get played once a night. They confirm it with a sign inside the bar. It has been in use for about three years and has been a joke among regulars, according to general manager Laura Garrison.

She told CNN, "I don't hate Mariah Carey, and I don't hate Christmas." She does not wish for Christmas to begin before Thanksgiving. It's easy to see why: Carey's Christmas song is already the No. 48 song in the United States, even though it got only released on November 2nd. According to Quartz, it has been streamed hundreds of millions of times each year and has earned Carey more than $60 million in royalties. It gets dubbed "the present that keeps on giving" by Time magazine.

A client attempted to play the Christmas tune today, just 5 minutes before Garrison spoke with The News.

Garrison says, "We bypassed it." (It won't be the last time: in the CNN video, she says, "Once we hear those twinkles, we run for the remote.")

The Christmas princess responded to a tweet that suggested the song's ban was part of yet another "war on Christmas."

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