'Good human being doesn't necessarily convert into the most-celebrated actor,' Rohan Mehra recalls his father Vinod Mehra's lessons.
ByFunAsia 12 Dec 2021 11:08 PM 130

In a new interview, Rohan Mehra, who will get seen playing a young lawyer in 420 IPC, talks about his father, Vinod Mehra. Although actor Rohan Mehra never saw his father Vinod Mehra in person, the late actor's life has convinced him that he was a human being.

"I believe my case is unique, maybe because I never met my father," Rohan Mehra said. When my mother was expecting me, he died. So I'm not in the least bit interested in Bollywood. I lived in India for 20 years. So far, I've only learned via other people's contacts with him and opinions about him."

"Of course, his films are there," he continued. All of the information we have is secondhand. The man himself isn't here to share his tales with me. That is 'what occurred or how it happened,' according to what I've heard. But what I've taken away from it is that he has a genuine passion for art and movies. He has always prioritized being a good human being over everything else. That's a long way from films, and it's not what we're aiming for it. Being a nice human becoming does not always imply being the most famous actor."

"I believe that the lessons I gained from him were more about how to be a good human being than about art. That is present, as I am a fan of his flicks. But the greatest gift Jesus has given me is the knowledge of how to spend my life."


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