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NR August 22, 2018
Parwaaz Hai Junoon (lit: Soaring is Passion), a tribute to Pakistan Air Force (PAF), is a feel good story based around the life of it's cadets. The film will take our audiences through the events and experiences that take place at the PAF training academy. With a fresh and young ensemble of actors, this... More
Action, Drama
Haseeb Hassan
Hamza Ali Abbasi as Hamza Ahad Raza Mir as Flight Lieutenant Saad Hania Amir as Sania Shaz Khan as Nadir Kirmani Kubra Khan as Fiza Shafaat Ali Adnan Jaffar as OC Flying Taimoor Sikandar Vincent Rachel Viccaji Mustafa Changezi Sabeena Syed Alamdar Khan As Adil


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