Lionel Messi playing soccer in the U.S this time has made single-game ticket prices increase by more than 1,700%

Soccer superstar Lionel Messi playing soccer in the U.S. is the only reason single ticket prices have increased.

Lionel Messi moving to Major League Soccer has impacted ticket sales, as prices for late-season games in the U.S. have surged by over 1,700% on the secondary market compared with last year.

Messi signed a blockbuster contract with the club Inter Miami CF in July for $50 million to $60 million annually, incorporating a value stake in the group. Messi additionally consented to undisclosed agreements with Apple TV and Adidas.

Messi coming to the U.S. has made a flood of interest in the group and MLS, which is only sometimes considered among the world’s top-level associations regarding general ability.

According to Inter Miami owner Jorge Mas, subscriptions to “MLS Season Pass” on Apple TV have doubled with Messi’s signing. According to the Miami Herald, Inter Miami’s Instagram account has grown from 1 million to 14 million followers. And demand for Messi-branded jerseys has been so strong that the MLS’ official online store has pushed off delivery on orders until October.

Inter Miami ticket costs have expanded for both home and away games.

For home games, the typical rundown cost on the auxiliary market is up from $152 to $864 since Messi’s marking, an increment of 468% as of Aug. 18, as indicated by information given by our sources.

The effect is more pronounced for the away games, which include larger markets such as New York and
Los Angeles. For all remaining away games combined, average ticket prices are up by 1,002% compared with last year, as of Aug. 15.