Jada Pinkett Smith revealed she and her husband have been separated since 2016.

Jada Pinkett Smith revealed that she and husband Will Smith have been separated since 2016.

In a meeting, Pinkett Smith said the couple had not recently opened to the world about their separation since they were not “prepared at this point.”

They were “still trying to figure out between the two of us, how to be in partnership,” she said.

Pinkett Smith, 52, and Smith, 55, have been married since 1997. Pinkett Smith said they are not lawfully separated.

Their marriage has gone under examination during the period she says they have been separated.

In July 2020, singer August Alsina revealed that he had been romantically involved with Pinkett Smith, something she confirmed while giving an interview.

“I got into an ensnarement with August,” Pinkett Smith said at that point, making sense of then that the hotshot couple “were going through an extremely challenging time” when it happened.

Then there was the Oscars slap.

During the 2022 Academy Awards, Smith stormed the stage and slapped presenter Chris Rock after he made a joke about Pinkett Smith being bald. She suffers from alopecia, which has caused her hair loss.

In another meeting with Individuals, Pinkett Smith focused on the episode, which she said, in the same way as other others, she at first believed was a comedic bit between the two men.

Pinkett Smith uncovers more about her marriage, profession, and early life in her forthcoming memoir, “Worthy.” The book will be released on Oct. 17.