How to prepare for the move. 5 rules for a successful move
Everyone at least once in his life came across a move. The reasons for the change of housing are always different: the acquisition of their nest, the exchange of apartments, moving to a rental. But everyone has one problem - how to prepare for the move in order to save time, money and nerves.

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Of course, you will not read anything innovative here, but thanks to this article you can systematize the process of moving and successfully move from one place to another without any extra hassle. All that is needed is to remember a few rules, following which the move will be less painful.

So, let's begin.

Take care of the packaging material in advance. Before you start collecting things, stock up on boxes, large bags, scotch tape, stretch wrap, multi-colored markers for signing boxes. It will be convenient for each room to assign its own color. So, for example, boxes signed with a red marker can immediately be carried to the living room, black - to the kitchen, etc. Thus, you will not clutter up the space in the new apartment, but immediately distribute the boxes in the rooms. Do not forget to also agree in advance with the carrier, do not leave it at the last moment.

Rule number 1. Have a great spring cleaning. In order not to transport unnecessary trash from place to place, we advise you to first arrange a general cleaning. Old things, unnecessary magazines, broken toys - all this is unlikely to be useful to you in a new apartment, but there will be a lot of space when moving.

Rule number 2. Make a list of things. Make a list of things by room. This will allow you to quickly distribute things in a new place. Try to do everything so that the move is systematic and convenient.

Rule number 3. Engage in sorting. If you don’t want to write lists, do regular sorting. Arrange everything according to the rule: books to books, shoes to shoes. Having distributed everything “according to your interests” it will be easier for you to pack your things. You will not be sprayed at once. Sorting allows you to take turns packing things without turning the move into a natural disaster J

Rule number 4. Pack everything separately. The main thing to remember here is that everything must be packed separately. Choose boxes so that you don’t have to fill them with things from another series. Firstly, it will cause inconvenience when unpacking things, and secondly, the spilled means for the toilet on kitchen towels or books, for example, will spoil not only this thing, but also your mood. Proper packaging is a great art. The main thing in it is a competent approach and systematization.

Rule number 5. Choose a convenient time to move. Many carriers say the best time to move is Saturday night. Roads are free, there are practically no traffic jams, people are in no hurry. But this is not at all true. Moving is best done in the morning, when the movers are not tired, and you will have a whole day left in stock for arranging in a new apartment. The road in the morning is always safer than at the languid time of the day. As for the day, Sunday is the most favorable for moving - you will be successful in everything.


Shape the boxes so that they are not too heavy. Pack books in small boxes, wrap dishes in newspapers or bubble wrap. Glue the bottom of the boxes with tape.
Properly prepare furniture for relocation. Remove all removable furniture parts in advance. Secure the opening parts with tape.
Start booting the machine with the biggest things. Securely fasten them in the car using special belts.
Before entering new housing, cover the floor and walls with foil, this will help to avoid unwanted scratches.
Following these tips, you can move to a new apartment without any problems.

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