Alex Snow
Help me choose a free and working CRM, otherwise I already downloaded three and all to no avail! Thanks!

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  1. It's important for me to choose the program that matches the next one.
    CRM has built-in IP telephony with call processing option;
    CRM forms a single information space where all customer requests are flocked (for fast processing);
    CRM has applications for smartphones and tablets to work in the mobile office mode and quick response managers to customer requests;
    CRM has end-to-end analytics to quickly assess customer behavior trends that are rapidly changing in a pandemic, and assess the effectiveness of advertising investments.
    Try your advice @Mila Eryomina

  2. The Best Free CRM systems of this order have good technical support and acceptable, and sometimes wide capabilities (search for new customers, Internet marketing). They simultaneously serve as a kind of probe and a demonstration of the capabilities of the manufacturer. Therefore, developers monitor the security of the system and update it in a timely manner. Moreover, sooner or later (if things go well), you will switch to the paid version.
    Free CRMs have only one very obvious plus: they are free. Otherwise, these systems are significantly inferior to paid analogues.

  3. A correctly selected CRM-system simplifies the work of employees, data collection and analysis, interaction with customers and reporting. This is a program that helps get rid of the daily routine and channel working energy into a more productive channel. For starters, you can try out the free option at Draw conclusions, and then look. Good luck!