What is the Importance Of MS Office in Daily Lives?
Microsoft Office is the best application software developed by Microsoft. It is used for the home as well as for the business purpose. This software is user friendly and can install through www.office.com/setup.  It is consist of many applications like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Outlook and MS Access etc. All the application in this software has different functions. This software helps in creating text documents, creating spreadsheets, formatting, editing and also used for making presentation. No other software can compete with this software. It is helpful for all the organization like schools, colleges, institution, offices and businesses. This makes the work of every organization easier, comfortable and faster.

How MS Office makes the work easier?

Office.com/setup makes the work of the user easier and faster through these applications.

Microsoft Word:
MS Word is the word processor in which you can create text document. The task which you can perform on this word processor are typing, editing, formatting and printing text. In this you can write reports, resumes, notices, business proposals, and circulars etc.

Microsoft PowerPoint:
In this you can create presentations, demonstrate charts, graphics and tables etc. In this, you can make slides which helps to convey your message more effectively and efficiently. You can create project presentation, business plan presentation, school presentation and presentation for seminars etc.

Microsoft Excel:
In this you can perform business calculations by using logical and mathematical formulas in Spreadsheets. In this you can visualize data and information in charts, smart arts, pivot table and more. It saves time and makes calculation very easy.

MS Access:
It is used to make program and database. In this you can manually monitor and handle information and also keeps the records of pupils. It also helps you to store information for reporting and analysis.

MS Outlook:
In this you can employ Gmail and it is also utilized to get official and personal email. In this you can send and receive emails. You can also manage calendars, appointments, similar entries, task, contacts and notes.

Besides, this application there is some more applications which make the work of offices easier. MS Office also provides great technical support to the user. For more information you can contact to the customer care executive via office.com/setup. The executives are available for the user for giving help and support all the time. Www.Office.Com/Myaccount
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