Set up Parental Control in McAfee Antivirus
Set up Parental Control in McAfee Antivirus:

Today as it is the world of digitalization, internet is the basic necessity of everyone from the kids to the old age people, and from the people sitting at home to the people working in offices. Some used internet for enjoyment, some use for gaining knowledge, some use for official and business purpose. So, with the increased use of internet, the demand for antivirus increased to protect our devices connected to internet from cyber threat, viruses and damage of device. McAfee antivirus is safe and secure for your device. It protects your device from all kind of threat and viruses. It consumes very little space in the memory of your device. It scans all the file and data before downloading through internet, so that dangerous website does not affect your computer. It gives many secured features to your device. To install McAfee antivirus go to the website of McAfee i.e.

Install McAfee Antivirus:

Just login to your McAfee Account, if you are the user of McAfee antivirus then enter the email and password, if you are not the user then create the new account on McAfee, after you create the account then sign in, and just click on the My Account option, after entering your account choose the McAfee product you wish to install, then press on the installation process, then on run option, now go to the download folder store the installed file, then McAfee antivirus  installation process is complete.

Setup Parental Control in McAfee:

McAfee Parental Control
work with the Window user account. Because the parental control setting will only take effect when the user log into the computer using Window account. Then, enter the Window administrator password to set and change the parental control settings. One important information, if you add Window user account then first you must exit your McAfee software, after this re-open it to assign Parental Control setting to the new user, for this double click the McAfee icon in your taskbar, then select Exit from the file menu. Then go to the start, program and select McAfee security from bell.

After you create your Window account then:
  1. First double click the McAfee icon in your task-bar.
  2. Then, first click the parental control drawer, then click the parental control link.
  3. Then in the administrator password section, click the change button.
  4. Then enter and confirm the password.
  5. Then complete the enter password hint field, click on next option.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Then in the protect your family option, click edit.
  8. Then type the password and click enter.
  9. Then click the protect button you wish to change, next to the account.
Get more information, you can contact Mcafee Support or visit us at Mcafee.Com/Retailcard  

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