Office 365 Features in Microsoft 365 for Business
Microsoft 365 business is basically created for business and is built for quick deployment and for making management easy. You can get these features through

1. Outlook Mail: Outlook is used for sending and receiving mails. It has built-in calendars, through which you can schedule meetings with your co-workers.

2. OneDrive: OneDrive is used for document storage. Through this you can access the files which you need even when you’re offline and you can share your documents.

3. Word, Excel and PowerPoint: All the three application of MS Office like Word, Excel and PowerPoint are in Office 365.

4. OneNote: It is exactly similar to Evernote. In this the computer users can create notebooks, clip things directly from the web, add media, and you can create tasks.

5. StaffHub: StaffHub is a scheduling solution in which managers can plan schedules for hourly employees. Through this employees can see their dynamic schedules from anywhere, and can also switch shifts with each other.

6. SharePoint: SharePoint is document storage for internal collaboration. It has dashboards, calendars, lists and workflows, but it requires more time to implement.

7. Teams: In this you can collaborate with your remote team members on regular basis. You can share files, make calls and connect through mobile devices.

8. Flow: Flow is a time saving cloud tool which allows computer users to build complex automated workflows.

9. Yammer: Yammer is a collaboration app. Through this you can invite people to Outlook meetings from Yammer; you can also access OneDrive and chat with your teammates.

10. Stream: Stream is used for storing and sharing video content. It is not useful for SMB but it has customizable video portal and video permission management.

Microsoft 365 for Business

Microsoft Office is the software developed by Microsoft and it is the all in one productivity suite. This software has many applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Skype for Business etc. It is easy to use and can install through This software is used in all the organization like hospitals, institutions, offices, businesses and also in schools. It makes the work of people easier and faster. Every application has its own functions and it helps in formatting, editing, creating text document, making presentation and also for making spreadsheets.

For more information, you can visit to the official website of MS Office via You can call on their toll free number for technical assistance. The will help you all the time.

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