Mark Roemer Discusses Feelings That Are Mistaken for Love
Love is a wonderful feeling that can change your life. It can bring joy and happiness even in bad circumstances. However, true love is not easy to find. As a result, sometimes, people get so desperate to experience love that they confuse other emotions with love. Mark Roemer believes that you should first learn to love yourself if you want to find true love. If you get too desperate and chase love, you may find something else.

The Feelings
Here are some common feelings that are mistaken for love:

1. Jealousy - Jealousy is a kind of emotion that is often mistaken for love. It is the nature of every human being to want those things that they cannot possess and even want it more strongly when that thing is taken away from them. This feeling is no love at all, rather it is a form of craving.
For example, many people feel love for someone when they are unavailable to them. But in such a condition you should ask yourself how you really feel for the person and you will get your answer.

2. Lust - Lust is another feeling that people usually mistake for love. Sex is very exciting in any relationship but it is not always necessary that you love the people who you have sex with. You may get physically attracted to someone but it does not mean you love that person. It can just be a lustful feeling.
Thus, if you are not sure whether you really love somebody or just lust after them, you should spend some more time with the person to figure it out. Before you can be absolutely sure, do not make any big decision as it can complicate things beyond your control.

3. Fantasy - Often, it is seen that when a person starts dating someone they believe that they have fallen in love with that person. During such situations, people fantasize that the person they are dating is perfect. However, if you set unrealistic expectations, it is bound to break sooner or later As a result, you will get disappointed when you find that your partner cannot meet your expectations.
It is only then you can realize that your feeling was not that of love but a mere fantasy. So, you should be careful when dating someone new so that you don’t mistake fantasy for love.

4. Comfort and security - When you stay with someone for some time, it is natural that you will become comfortable with them and feel safer with them being around you. But this does not mean that the person loves you in the way you think. They may just think of you as a good friend who needs to take care of you and make you feel secure and comfortable. When people confuse this feeling with love and propose their feelings to the person, they often get friend-zoned.

These are some common feelings that people often mistake for love. Mark Roemer believes that if you can become the best version of yourself, you will definitely find your soulmate.

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