How to Keep Your Car Looking Like New?

There are so many reasons why you would want to keep your car looking new for as long as possible. First, there’s the question of pride in the ownership of such an amazing vehicle. Second, there’s the question of the resale value that might become quite relevant in the nearest future. Lastly, there’s the issue of regular car maintenance, which involves the scenario where you invest in your vehicle not just for aesthetic reasons but also to keep it fully functional. With that in mind and without further ado, here are a couple of tips on how to keep your car looking like new for as long as possible.

Avoid hand-washing
The first thing you need to understand is the fact that while hand-washing your vehicle might seem like the quickest, simplest and most cost-effective solution, it’s definitely not the best one. In fact, there is a number of owners of high-end vehicles who fear that automatic washing may damage the exterior of their car, when it’s, in fact, the other way around. The majority of scratching and paint damage comes from the crude washing and drying process. So, unless you’re extremely careful and know exactly what you’re doing, it’s usually for the best to entrust this to professionals.

Prepare for bird droppings
There’s a popular joke about bird droppings just appearing out of nowhere until your car is completely clean and freshly washed. Well, every serious car-owner knows that there’s more than a bit of truth to this statement. The problem with bird droppings (the big one) lies in the fact that it contains chemicals and bacteria that will start etching your paint. The best way to handle this is to have a quick-detail spray in your trunk and act immediately after you spot them.

Buy a car cover
Previously, we’ve mentioned some maintenance and cleaning tips, however, the truth is that your car is only safe in a garage. Unfortunately, there are times when you’ll be forced to leave the vehicle outside for a prolonged period of time, sometimes even overnight. When this happens, you’ll find yourself in a scenario where your car’s exterior suffers from the sun, rain, above-discussed bird droppings and more. The simplest solution to this problem is for you to invest in a car cover. This way, you can protect your vehicle in a clean and simple manner.

Waxing alone is not enough
If you ask a layman in car maintenance the question of – what gives the vehicle’s exterior its shine, the majority of them will automatically assume that it’s the wax. The problem, however, lies in the fact that wax alone is not nearly enough. Even high-end wax won’t do the trick unless you know all the necessary prep-work steps. In this scenario, the paint needs to be clean and properly polished before you start applying the wax. All in all, just make sure that the surface is not grimy before you start waxing.

Always use the towel
One more mistake that a lot of people make when it comes to car maintenance is spraying/applying cleaning products directly to the parts of the vehicle. Keep in mind that instead of doing this, you can just use the towel or applicator and use them to apply the product. This is a simpler, safer and, above all, gentler way of keeping the interior of your vehicle clean. One of the most important things you need to understand here is the fact that after just a couple of such cleaning sessions, this will come off as completely natural and you won’t even have to think about what you’re doing.

Don’t ignore the interior
The last piece of advice that you definitely need to hear is that you should never-ever, ignore the interior of the vehicle. Sure, what meets the eye first is what makes the first impression, however, if you’re running a convertible, there’s no such thing as the interior. Even if not, what happens when you offer someone a ride only to show them that the interior of the vehicle is full of junk. Wiping the dust away is quite easy. Moreover, this is essential if you eventually decide to sell the vehicle. A buyer will definitely want to take a peek inside.

Taking care of your car is not something that takes a lot of work. If you’re passionate about your vehicle, you’ll have the abundance of intrinsic motivation to show some extra dedication to this task. If not, you can just make it into a part of your routine. Either way works since it gives you the results you need.

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