6 Fitness Equipment For Your Home Workouts
If you love to work more often then there are some fitness equipment in Australia that you should definitely own. If you like to work on your own and don’t want to shell out for a gym membership or pricey boutique fitness classes then these workout essentials will help you sweat it out at home.

You can get yourself a heavy duty power rack if you are a pro athlete or get yourself a medicine ball for a warm-up workout. You can all buy these products from Automicmass.com.au. Apart from that have a look at these different products that you can get for your home gym setup.

A punching bag

If you have got time and technique then yourself a heavy punching bag for a full-body cardio workout. Nowadays, punching bags are made with high-quality materials that are built to last.

In order to get a full body workout, you get to hit something really hard. A solid way to relieve whatever stress in your life may be, get a punching bag for that.

Ab rollers

Ab rollers are one of the most popular forms of gym equipment. Moreover, it is also affordable, portable, and works very well. If you want to get flat abs and look fit then you can finally get rid of that extra belly fat. While standard ab crunches can quickly hurt your back. With this ab roller, you can ensure perfect form while whittling away that tummy butter.

Balance ball chair

Did you know that having proper balance is essential to good health? When you have bad posture, it affects your internal organs since they feel the pressure as well. this chair helps you to do all the things by simply sitting down.

The balance ball fits almost every chairs from desk chairs to dining chairs. When sitting, this balance ball helps to relieve back pain, boost energy, and align your spines. If you are suffering from health issues then you should add this to your pain management routine.

Tri-fold gym mat

It is important to have a comfortable mattress while working out. You don’t want to lie on a dirty floor. The mat helps to take the pressure off the impact of cardio exercise also it offers soft support while performing exercises while lying.

Apart from its use, the best thing about this mat is that it’s portable and comes with handles for easy transport.

Doorway chin up bar

This doorway chin-up bar will provide you with a great workout and is pretty portable as well. Just hand it onto your bedroom door and get some chin ups before breakfast. It is made from solid steel that ensures it is durable. In fact, it can safely support up to 300 pounds of weight. This chin up bar offers a great workout for your back, abs, shoulder, chest, arm, lats, triceps, and biceps.

Moreover, this bar is portable and easy to install as well. It also has multiple foam grips positions for different workouts.

Full body vibration platform

This full body vibration platform is essential if you are ready to amp up your fitness regimen. This platform provides a resistance that is unmatched on any other type of equipment. In order to use this, you just need to stand on it and the vibrations will provide you with a great workout.

If you want to increase the resistance, you can squat, lean or perform push-ups. Not only these exercises will increase your muscle strength but will also increase blood circulation. Further, this vibrating platform also fights cellulite and improves bone density.


If you are thinking to open a home gym then don’t forget to mention this equipment that is described in the above article. Moreover, if you are looking for an online store that offers different types of fitness and gym equipment then do visit Atomicmass.com.au.

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