Video Editing and Animation (Dallas)
ByLINEINMOTION™ Studios 25 Jul 2020 444

Video Editing for All type of events/Movie/Documentary/TV Ads/Animation etc 
Video Editing to shorten the raw footage 
Fast/Slow motion 
Custom Titles 
Freeze Frames 
Hundred of Digital effects 
Multiple Tracks of Audio 
Minimal Quality Loss 
Video Conversion for YouTube, iPhone etc 
Including Photoshop files/ any pics in to video 
Small Animation with Text and Pics 
Video correction for color/light/backgrounds etc 
Green Screen Effects (Remove green background and add desired background/Foreground) 

SOFTWARE USED - Adobe Premier Pro / After Effects / Final Cut Pro / Photoshop / Illustrator / Adobe Light room / Maya / Blender 

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