ByVISHNUJI KI RASOI 26 Sep 2020 365

Go to any hotel and you will find on the menu card, not only a host of South Indian, Punjabi, Gujarati items but even the Chinese-Mexican – Thai items. Have you ever seen authentic maharashtrian zunakabhakar, raita made up of roasted eggplant, jawar bhakar or puranpoli, listed on the menu card? If at all, it will be a rarest of the rare moment. There are hardly any hotels or Dhaba’s, known for genuine Maharashtrian dishes. This is the main reason behind starting a new Dhaba in Nagpur by name ‘Vishnuji ki Rasoi’ where one can enjoy mouth watering Maharashtrian dishes like Zunakabhakar, mugavada bhaji, Thaalipeeth, Appe, Jawarbhakar, Daalpalak and ChillyThechaa.

There are a variety of items coming from Maharashtrian cuisine; however there are no hotels dedicated to this variety. With our backing and promoting of these type of hotels, many people will start visiting them with the sole purpose of enjoying the taste of assal maharashtrian food. I started Vishnuji ki Rasoi eight years ago with this purpose in mind. Napurkars welcomed this idea and even the non maharashtrian people frequently visit us and enjoy the taste of our preparations. I come from a middle class background and therefore i am aware that whenever we invite friends & relatives for a party, we fix a ceiling on the amount for the expenses. And exactly at this point that budget goes haywire . This led us to start a restaurant where you can easily accommodate 20 to 25 persons at a time, at a very short notice and at a cost well within your budget.

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