ByKAURINA'S KULFI 26 Sep 2020 262

Kaurina’s is North America’s premiere manufacturer of Authentic Indian Kulfi and Exotic Gourmet Ice Creams. Made with top quality ingredients and passion, Kaurina’s Kulfi Dessert Bar and Gourmet Ice Creams are famous for their authentic, rich flavor and silky smooth texture.

Established in 2000, Kaurina’s has quickly become a household name in the Texas South Asian Community. Mom used to make her famous kulfis for dinner parties. Upon urging from family and friends she decided to take a chance and sell her kulfi at a local grocer. After successfully selling out the same day, Kaurina’s was born!

In a short time Kaurina’s has grown from a home based operation to a full fledge manufacturing outfit. People know our products for their high quality ingredients, and distinct flavor.

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