This is the reason why Asha Parekh never married filmmaker Nasir Hussain

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Veteran actress Asha Parekh talked about some personal details of her life. She finally disclosed why she preferred to be single throughout her life.
While giving an interview, Parekh said that during The Hit Girl, she admitted that she loved Nasir Hussain but never considered breaking up his family and impacting his children. She chooses to be single and satisfying on her own.

Though she wanted to get married, she never found any man who is right kind according to her.
As time passed, her mother gave up the dream of seeing her daughter getting married. Her horoscope also said that her married life wouldn’t ne a successful one.
Today, she shared her views and said that these days, people fall in love and they don’t have the tolerance to give out things for them. She went on saying that Marriage is not all rainbows and butterflies but you have to struggle with your partner every now and then.

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