Texas: Case of a fired teacher may be addressed by the school board Tuesday night

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Tuesday Night, The case of a fired Fort Worth teacher will be addressed by the school board.
The Fort Worth Independent School District failed when Georgia Clark win for her appeal of firing her against a hearing examiner and the state education commissioner.
The state released orders that said either Clark be reinstated or will be given pay for one year and other benefits.
Clark was a teacher at Carter Riverside High School and was fired for some Twitter message to honorable President Donald Trump regarding illegal immigrants in her school and she asked him to remove all illegals from the state.
Some students had complained against her for making derogatory comments about race.
According to reports from the independent hearing examiner (looking into Clark's case), Fort Worth ISD did not document past incidents properly and students gave conflicting stories.
The state education commissioner considered that she has the right to speech and was never asked to give up her right to speak when she became a teacher.
Fort Worth ISD has considered her appeal and the district will conduct a meeting on this issue at 5:30 p.m today.

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