Dallas: ‘To Be Like Me’-New program teaches kids to interact with disabled people

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‘To Be Like Me’-New Program in Dallas to teach kids how to interact with people with special needs will help break down stereotypes. This will be a two-hour interactive experience for kids where they will get a chance to interact with people with special needs. This is a free program that has been booked up through the end of the school year.
It is an integral part of curriculum teaching kids compassion and understanding.

Fourth graders of University Park Elementary School are learning how to interact with people who are disabled.
“To Be Like Me” is a non-profit program initiated by mothers working in the healthcare field. Their aim to create awareness and break barriers at a young age to help break down stereotypes.
Andrea King, the director of development said that kids of 10-12 are in an age when they can really internalize emotions and understand the circumstances of another person’s life. So, it is better to start early and watch the impact of this interaction throughout their lives.
In this program, Kids are made to experience five different scenarios called "experiences." One phase set in such a way that kids can a chance to practice interacting with disabled persons at a café. In another, they get to see how to interact with disabling in a crowded airplane filled with distractions.
This program is taught at the Tolleson Family Activity Center in Dallas. A free community event that starts in February.

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